lumen prints papeles fotograficos photographic papers Jose Manuel Madrona


Here you can find information about the photographic papers that are used to make the Lumen prints. You can find a description of the models in the shop that include each type of photographic paper.

In addition, you will always find this information attached to the lumen print you purchase. Because all the copies of Lumen include descriptive information about the materials used in its elaboration.

Lumen prints Jose Manuel Madrona noticias news nueva edicion new edition


We are pleased to present the new edition of Lumen. After the great success of the first, we have worked very hard to offer you new images on a wide variety of photographic papers, manufactured from 1930 until the end of the 20th Century. These historical brand papers like AGFA, ILFORD and KODAK are complemented by many other brands. For its rarity and uniqueness are themselves part of photography history.

Lumen prints Jose Manuel Madrona noticias news 1a edicion agotada first edition sold out


We have to announce that the first 100 Lumen limited prints is sold out. We are pleased with the great acceptance of the project, in a very short period of time all over the world. We have received many emails showing interest in our work that we really appreciate, so that we are working, harder and harder, to move forward with the Lumen prints project.

Lumen prints Jose Manuel Madrona noticias news bienvenido welcome


Welcome to the birth of Lumen. This project aim is to approach and popularize the primitive photographic techniques to contemporary public. Creating photographic objects with my own hands for the XXI century, and enjoying the beauty, the singularity of the forms and the complex harmony of nature.